Besterns 2015

Friday May 29th - Sunday, May 31st

DVD Sales Offerings

Get your copy of all the great
Besterns 2015 action and support ColoradoSports.TV operations.

Full Event Box Set $55.50*

The Full Event Box Set includes all 12 game played during Besterns both DVD and Digital video for easy mobile viewing.

GM 1: Denver vs Arizona$10.00*


GM 2: Rocky Mountain vs Wasatch $10.00*


GM 3: Rat City vs Arizona $10.00*


GM 4: Terminal City vs Wasatch $10.00*


GM 5: Denver vs Rat City $10.00*


GM 6: Rocky Mountain vs Terminal City $10.00*


GM 7: Arizona vs Wasatch $10.00*


GM 8: Denver vs Terminal City $10.00*


GM 9: Rocky Mountain vs Rat City $10.00*


*All orders include a $5.00 shipping and handling fee. Orders will be shipped by July 1st, 2015